Clean ingredients

At Plastno, each ingredient is meticulously tested by our team before being selected for our cleaning products. If the ingredient doesn't meet our criteria, we do not use it. We use an evaluation scale that takes into account the risks to the planet and to humans.

Good for humans

We only use ingredients that have a low risk of cancer, reduce the risk of developing allergies and reduce the risk to the reproductive system.

Good for the planet

Our ingredients are from natural, renewable sources, which break down naturally into organic matter with low risk to our ecosystems.

Ingredient testing in lab

Ingredient sources

We use natural ingredients, from natural sources and artificial sources.

Natural ingredients: A category of ingredients that group together water, minerals and agricultural ingredients.

Naturally sourced: Ingredients of natural origin distinguish all ingredients that have NOT been obtained using petroleum. These are natural ingredients that underwent a physical transformation as well as natural ingredients that have been chemically extracted or treated following the guidelines of Green Chemistry. This means, ingredients that required a chemical reaction between multiple natural elements in order to create the final product.

Artificially ingredients: These ingredients are synthesized in a lab. The actual chemicals in natural or artificial ingredients may be exactly the same: the chemical structures of the individual molecules may be indistinguishable.

What's difference between natural and synthetic?

"Derived from a natural source" refers to a compound that has been derived from a natural raw material, such as a plant, mineral or animal. For example, an ingredient is said to be "naturally sourced" when the extraction involves a transformation of the plant to simply keep certain active compounds. These types of ingredients are not synthetic, which means that they are not man-made.

A "synthetic" ingredient is a man-made or chemically modified ingredient. It is not derived from a natural source, i.e., it is artificially manufactured or produced, rather than being naturally occurring. These ingredients can often be non-toxic and safer than some natural products.

Clean without compromise

We said no to hundreds of formulas before one met our standard. We landed on a formula that's effective without compromising your health.

BPA free

Silicone free

Phthalate free

Sulfate free

GMO free

Gluten free

Ammonia free

Paraben free

Chlorine free

Phosphate free

VOC free

EDC free

Taking out the trash in a Plastno compostable trash bag

The eco-friendly alternative to trash bags 

We use only renewable, plant-based materials in the making of Plastno bags, which break down naturally into organic matter. Switching to biodegradable trash bags might not seem like much, but one small change can make a big difference.

Our goal is always to make small changes simple, so that you can contribute to a more sustainable future, without sacrificing convenience. Behind every Plastno bag, is a plan for the planet! 

Our mission
Mountain landscape

Designed to be durable before they disappear

Despite their heavy-duty look and feel, our biodegradable garbage bags can be digested by the natural bacteria present in landfills in less than a year. Whether you use eco-friendly garbage bags for home composting, send them to an industrial facility, or simply use them to take out the regular trash, they contribute to a cleaner, greener, world. 

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