Making the best compostable trash bags is our calling

Why? Because plastic is a problem. Trash bags might not be the most glamorous calling. But taking out the trash is a dirty job, and someone’s gotta do it. By bringing you the best compostable trash bags possible, we make it easier than ever to say no to single-use plastic bags. Here are a few facts that motivated our mission.

Stretching a Plastno compostable garbage bag


We say no to plastic

Once we learned the cold hard facts about single-use plastic bags, we set about doing something about it. We knew trash bags were an essential part of everyday living, but we thought to ourselves “Do they need to be made from plastic? No, they don’t!” And that’s how Plastno was born. 

Our goal is to keep investing in eco-friendly innovation to bring you the best compostable trash bags possible. Bags that are just as strong and durable as they are safe for the planet.

Our ingredients


Clean without compromise

We believe that you can have it all in your cleaning products. No sacrifices, no compromise. Our products are effective, convenient, safe for use, affordable and sourced from environmentally responsible ingredients. Before, during and after we launch our products, we’re constantly innovating to identify the latest methods to better meet these standards.

Our mission is simple: make cleaning safe and sustainable, while being convenient, effective and affordable.

— Julian, Founder & CEO
Greener planet with the best compostable trash bags from Plastno

The Plastno promise

We are fully committed to creating a cleaner, greener world. Tough compostable trash bags may be our calling, but we won’t stop there in our pursuit of saving the planet!

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Planet first, from factory to you

Powered by plants

We use strictly non-GMO earth-friendly materials derived from plants. All of our ingredients are selected to optimize for human and planet health and all of our packaging is recyclable, compostable or both.

People and the planet

We care for our collective by making sure all partner relationships are BSCI certified and are held to high standards of respect and transparency, setting a standard for ethical manufacturing throughout our supply chain.


Since our products are made without plastic and single-use packaging, we can minimize the impact of shipping products to your door. We offset what we do generate as a carbon neutral company and identify the best ways to minimize waste.

Women taking out the best compostable trash bags from Plastno

A tough bag to follow

Unlike any old biodegradable garbage bag, ours are fully compostable too. This means they meet strict requirements to break down within a specific timeframe, leaving nothing toxic behind. 

We believe they are the best compostable trash bags you can buy because they’re super strong (just read our reviews), and fully decompose both at home and in commercial facilities. Also, unlike other brands, we made ours white – so your garbage doesn’t stick out like a green thumb. 

Our certifications

When considering any eco-friendly alternative to trash bags, it’s important to check their credentials. Our bags are BPI and TUV-certified for composting at home and in commercial facilities, which means they are independently verified to meet the highest standards of compostability. Once disposed of, they’ll disappear within just a few weeks, leaving nothing toxic behind.

BPI Certified

BPI Certified

Setting the standard for industrial composting in North America, BPI ensures our bags are safe for commercial facilities. They are rigorously checked to ensure they leave no synthetic residue behind.

TUV Certified

TUV Certified

Globally recognized, TUV-certified means our bags have passed multiple tests for safe home composting. Put simply, they will break down cleanly in your own backyard – into organic matter safe for use on plants.

Plastno team making the best compostable trash bags

The team behind Plastno

The Plastno team is all about providing a cleaner, greener planet for future generations. 

From re-purposing old t-shirts to embracing wonky fruits and veggies, we’re always thinking of weird and wonderful ways to reduce our environmental impact. Of course, that includes spreading the word about the best compostable trash bags!

We believe everyone has a role to play in saving the planet, from us to you.

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