7 Alternatives to Plastic Trash Bags

For a Better Earth: 7 Alternatives to Plastic Trash Bags

Trash bags have become an essential household item worldwide for waste disposal. They're available in different sizes, materials, and colors. These things can also help keep your home clean and odor-free and prevent awful leaks and spills. 

However, like other things, these household items also have their downsides. They can harm the environment, wildlife, and marine animals, especially if you don't dispose of them properly. These things can also be costly, especially if you purchase them frequently from the grocery store. Fortunately, some alternatives are just as effective and eco-friendly. 

If you want to maintain a clean apartment or home while helping to save the environment, this article will enumerate seven better options than non-biodegradable trash bags.  

1. Create a Compost Pit 

Being a responsible homeowner means looking for ways to reduce waste because our landfills overflow with unrecycled trash. Besides investing in compostable trash bags, you can minimize waste by creating a compost pit in your backyard. 

It’s a simple and effective way to recycle organic matter, encourage biodiversity, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As you compile your biodegradable waste, it eventually becomes fertilizer that your backyard garden can use, improving the soil quality and enabling healthier produce growth. That way, you don’t need to worry about using liners for your containers. 

2. Remove Liners in the Trash Cans

Many homeowners don’t use garbage liners in their trash cans because most household rubbish is food waste and dry non-recyclable items. If you only throw dry waste into the bin, it’s even more practical not to use a liner because you don’t need to clean the container as often. However, if you’ll be throwing away leftover food in the garbage can, you may need to rinse the container between uses to prevent foul smells and bacteria growth. 

3. Line Your Trash Cans with Newspaper

Consider using old newspapers if you should put a liner in your trash can. Besides being useful for many school projects, they make a great alternative to plastic liners. It's a simple and efficient way to reduce the moisture that enters the container and makes it dirty. That way, you don't need to clean it as often and endure the foul smells. 

4. Use Recycled Plastic Bags

Being a responsible homeowner means learning to recycle, and one of the best household items to recycle is your plastic trash bags. This type of bag is beneficial because you can reuse it many times, allowing you to enjoy the convenience of a plastic bag while reducing its harmful environmental impact. 

5. Use Reusable Bags 

Using reusable bags is an excellent idea to help the environment and save money. While there’s nothing wrong with reusing plastic trash bags, we recommend investing in those made of natural materials. You should also ensure they’re durable and washable. Moreover, this option is practical and cost-effective for a bin liner. 

6. Invest in Plant-Based Bags

You can help positively impact our environment by using plant-based trash bags. Manufacturers make these single-sed bags from corn, GMO-free plants, sugar cane, and surplus crops. Unlike traditional plastic bags, they have a lesser environmental impact. Investing in these eco-friendly options is also an excellent way to promote sustainable agriculture, encourage biodiversity, and conserve natural resources. 

7. Use Compostable Bags 

If your home isn't connected to the public power grid and doesn't have access to garbage collection services, you can use compostable bags instead. Add them to your compost pile, and they will fully decompose within 180 days. 


Plastic bags have become a convenient and affordable waste disposal method, but their long life can negatively impact our environment. You can help make a better earth for future generations by creating a compost pit, investing in sustainable options, and using compostable trash bags. 

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